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China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Premium Business Class Seats

China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Premium Business Class Seats

China Airlines Premium Business Class SeatsChina Airlines offers Premium Business Class on selected aircraft (Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A350-900). The China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER offers seats for 358 passengers in a three-class cabin. Premium Business Class (40), Premium Economy (62), Economy Class (256) including 30 Family Couch seats.

China Airlines Airbus Boeing 777-300ER Seating information

The China Airlines Airbus Boeing 777-300ER Premium Business Class has a 1-2-1 seat layout: one seat on the left side of the plane, two seats in the middle and one on the right.

The seat pitch in the China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Premium Business Class cabin is 78 inches. The seat width is 22 inches.

The enclosed seats recline to a full-flat bed with a 180-degree position. Features include a privacy screen between seats, 18″ HD entertainment screen, laptop power, USB connectivity, adjustable lighting, large Working table and personal storage.

China Airlines Inflight Entertainment

Seats feature USB connectivity and a laptop power outlet, 18-inch HD multi-touch screen with touchscreen-control, featuring Fantasy Sky, the in-flight entertainment system of China Airlines. Fantasy Sky offers a variety of movies, e-books, television, international radio stations, audio, video games and exterior camera views. The Entertainment system also features Seat Chat function for messaging with friends and real-time sharing and recommendation of your favorite video and audio.

China Airlines Meals and Drinks

A variety of meals, from famous Taiwanese restaurants or hotels, and snacks are served on all intercontinental flights. Passengers with dietary restrictions may choose from an alternative meal options to suit special requirements. All meals onboard are complimented with a wide selection of hot and cold beverages.

A self-service galley bar, named as Sky Bistro, offers snacks, instant noodles and drinks for passengers during the flight.

China Airlines Inflight Internet

China Airlines internet connectivity is offered on Boeing 777-300ER flights once the plane reaches cruising altitude. In the free China Airlines portal offer, the latest news about business, politics, sports and society is available, as well as weather forecasts. Passengers can enjoy internet connection by paying through the system.

For more fleet information and seat maps, check out www.china-airlines.com